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Thigh High Socks in Olive Green

No Queen goes unseen in Olive Green! This shade is for all my earth-tone goddesses. These sage-like, olive-green long socks pair seamlessly with oversized sweaters, army fatigue, and cream colors. Flaunt these babies with a snug black dress and an oversized army fatigue jacket, or make it pop against a creamy colored, off-the-shoulder sweater.  

Other plus-size color tights have two major drawbacks: they don’t fit, and they don’t last. Rip-proof tights don't equal plus proof! We know how chub rub can destroy our favorite pants, leggings, and tights in no time flat. That’s why we use soft brushed acrylic that lasts and fits flawlessly. Quality is essential because we think our curvaceous ladies deserve comfort, quality, and allure.

Available in Short (27" long) and Long (35" long). The model is wearing the short pair.