Find Your Size

L (12) 40-43" 33-34" 44-47"

XL (14)

44-45" 35-36" 48-49"
1X (16) 46-47" 37-38" 50-51"
2X (18-20) 48-51" 40-43" 52-55"
3X (22-24) 52-55" 44-48"


4X (26-28) 56-59" 49-52"


5X (30-32) 60-63" 53-56" 64-67"
6X (34-36) 64-67" 57-60" 68-71"
7X (38-40) 68-71" 61-64" 72-75"


Please note that letter and number sizing varies between brands so it is always best to go by the garment's listed measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

Tip: compare the measurements of a similar garment you already own to the one you're shopping for to see if it will fit the way you like!

Guide to identifying sizes on vintage clothing:

  • Ignore the marked size on the tag - vintage sizing (and even modern sizing) varies so widely that the marked size is often not useful for identifying how the garment will fit. The Luvsick team measures and sizes all pieces based on our own size chart, which has been developed out of a compilation of a number of modern brands' size charts.
  • Consider the intended fit of the garment - is the item intended to be skintight (e.g., leggings) or worn more loosely (e.g., caftan)? Items that are skintight will be closer to your body measurements whereas loose fitting items will measure several inches larger that your body measurements.
  • We measure garments to fit as a closed garment - meaning that an item with a zipper will be able to fully zip closed on the size we've marked it.