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BKIND Nail Polish

BKIND's vegan, 77% plant-based, 21-FREE, professional-grade nail polishes apply easily, dry quickly, and give you a long-lasting, luminous finish. 

Now available in 9 colors:

Roar - a creamy Barbie pink.

Sunburn - a deep bright red.

Orange Julep - a bright and opaque orange.

Sapa Valley - a light mossy green.

Grenouille - a deep and luminous green.

Sauble Beach - a light royal blue.

Purple Hill - a deep lavender mauve.

Perle - semi-transparent white with a pearly finish. Holographic effect!

Une Cenne - pearly bronze; like an old penny!

Mojito - a fresh and vibrant lime green.

Skinny Dip - a royal blue that feels like a midnight swim!

WHY I AM KIND The majority of nail polishes on the market contain multiple toxic ingredients that can be harmful to health. Also, while this information is often not shared, many nail polishes unfortunately contain animal-derived ingredients. For example, cochineal insect pigment is sometimes used to make reds more vivid, or guanine crystals, from fish scales or chameleons, are used to add luster and shine in cosmetics.

To provide a kinder option, our nail polishes are vegan, 77% plant-based and 21-FREE, meaning they are free from 21 toxic ingredients normally found in nail polishes. Now you can enjoy beautiful colored nails while respecting animals, the environment and yourself!

Made in United States of America